Welcome to dashia.in, a captivating handcrafted jewellery brand proudly born in India by the visionary couple, Shivani and Shivam Gupta. Our exquisite pieces, crafted with care and precision, boast the timeless allure of 18K gold. Just over a year ago, this dynamic duo embarked on a journey with a singular goal - to connect with the discerning tastes of the GenZ jewellery segment.

However, their designs transcended generations, gaining universal admiration. Hence, they decided to expand their offerings, catering to all ages and preferences. From dainty earrings to resplendent necklaces, elegant rings to charming bracelets, and even stylish jewelry boxes, they curate an extensive range for both men and women.

At dashia.in, every piece reflects the essence of Indian craftsmanship, exuding elegance, charm, and individuality. The founders, Shivani and Shivam, pour their hearts into each creation, telling a story of beauty and passion, awaiting the perfect adornment to complete your unique style. We invite you to explore our collection and be a part of their remarkable journey.